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Pete Doherty afterparty

Wednessday 11th of May 2022

After an amazing night celebrating our 7th anniversary, we are returning to the Ghent. This time we are celebrating The Likeliest of Lads is in town.

Peter Doherty will be performing in Handelsbeurs for Everything UK and Democrazy. So round up The Boys (and girls) in The Band and release your inner Libertine with us.

Come Carry On Up the Morning in Café Charlatan on the 11th of May

Yours As Always,


Music When the Lights Go Down by:

Olly Ameen (London Calling resident)



Location: Café Charlatan

Vlasmarkt 6, 9000 Gent


Tickets: 5 euro (available at the door)

Doors open 23:00

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